Nomination and Voting Procedures!

The following procedures have been approved by the executive board for the DMAF ballots:

Ballot structure
A three part ballot will be used: Submission Phase, an Open Nomination Ballot, followed by a Final Ballot.

1-Submission Phase
For a detailed description of the three phases, see the FAQ.
2-Open Nomination Ballot
  • The nomination form will ask each voter to write-in up to two different names for each category.
  • The same group or individual cannot be voted for in more than one "artist/group" category within a genre or both nominations WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
  • An artist may vote for him or herself.
  • Votes will be tabulated by a pre-determined counting committee following verification procedures. Nomination ballots will be retained for a reasonable period of time, not to exceed two years, and made available for inspection by interested parties.
  • The full tally count will be presented to the entire nominating committee for verification and final selection.
Verification and selection
  • The top six verified vote-getters that meet qualifying criteria will be on the final ballot in most categories. Outstanding instrumentalist/musician categories can have up to eight finalists.
  • The nominating committee will be responsible for verifying that nominated artists meet eligibility criteria, are in appropriate categories and that names are spelled correctly.
  • In the event of a tie, the committee has discretion to use more or fewer than six nominees, or to move a nominee to another appropriate category. If the tie results in an unwieldy number of verified nominees, the tie will be broken by random drawing.
  • Names may not be added by the nominating committee.
  • The committee has discretion to eliminate a category if there is an insufficient return or fewer than three qualified nominees.
  • The final ballot will be proofread by at least two committee members other than the person who compiled the ballot.
3-Final Ballot
  • Final ballots will have six verified nominees in each category. (See nomination information above).
  • Voters from the DMF database will choose one from each category in which they vote. Voters will be encouraged to vote only in categories they are knowledgeable in and to objectively consider quality of musicianship and artistry.
  • The winners will be the artists with the most votes.
  • Tabulation is done on the computer tabulation database and a random sample can be tested to ensure accurate data entry. Results will be retained for a reasonable period of time, not to exceed two years, and will be available for inspection by interested parties.
Qualification and Eligibility Criteria; Definitions
To be eligible:
  1. Artists must have a tie to southeast Michigan. Such ties include nativity, long term residency, current residency, or having done a body of work within the southeast Michigan area that has resulted in permanent and indelible identification with the area.
  2. To be eligible for recording categories, a recording must be by local artists (defined above) and released to the public between December 1, 2011 and November 30, 2012.
  3. 3. National Recordings are records that have national retail distribution.
The approved procedures will be published on our web site.

Questions regarding these procedures should be directed to the board via our Contact Us Form
How Voting Works!
PHASE I - Submission
PHASE II - Nominations
PHASE III - Final Ballot

Nominating & Voting
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